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going friends-only   
11:17am 19/02/2004
  not because i talk about such scintillating things -- ants and more ants. Just because. Though maybe once it's friends-only I *will* talk about more interesting things -- who knows. So if you want to be added and you're not already, comment below and we'll see what we can do....  
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11:39pm 18/02/2004
  ants on my *bed*, people. that shit is *wrong*.  
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12:25pm 18/02/2004

I cannot take this any more. It's bad enough that I have to sit in this horrid little room without the fucking argentine ant population CRAWLING ALL OVER ME.
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09:54pm 17/02/2004
mood: uninvolved
how can it be that i had more energy and felt more excited and creative when I was slaving away for 100+ hours a week in a desk job whereas here i theoretically have the world at my feet and all i want to do is sleep? every day i wake up and i think "today will be the day that things look up; today i'll like it here." and they never do. Or, more accurately, that's what i think every night before i go to bed, and when i wake up it's always "here we go again."

again i say: bah.

well, at least it's marginally better than last semester....

i think i'm just going to get in bed and read cortazar for a while then fall asleep. maybe tomorrow i'll spend some quality time in the archives...
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i am so domestic   
08:51am 17/02/2004
mood: sated
yesterday at the grocery store i was feeling bored and frustrated with eating only frozen peas and egg white omelettes day in and day out, so I got a cookbook and a fancy all-clad casserole/oven-safe skillet. Oh, the wonders of pots and pans that don't come from Ikea!

Last night I made chicken braised in red wine with shallots, rosemary, and thyme and had two friends over for dinner -- it was so nice to eat a real meal with other people for a change. I think we're all going to try to do it more often.

Then he and I decided to get all Film Noire-d out, he in a fedora and pinstripe suit, me in a pencil skirt and red lipstick, to go down and see The Thin Man at the theatre downtown -- but alas, Moviefone lied to us, and the theatre was actually closed on Mondays. Alas. Instead we went to this terrible bar that was playing the Dave Matthews band -- it was like being back in Princeton. This is the same place that makes mojitos with sprite. Shudder. THen we came back and watched Girl on The Bridge, which was brilliant, just brilliant.

All in all, a good evening. THough, needless to say, no work got done...
how right they are   
04:46pm 16/02/2004
Fortune Cookie

Your uniqueness is more than your social problem.

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10:34pm 15/02/2004
mood: deflated
what a disastrous few days this has been. I really need a change of pace. If I didn't have so much damn work to do I would go to half moon bay tomorrow. Frankly, i might do that anyway. Today I read and watched To Have and Have Not as an indulgence, from whence comes the new icon.
03:44pm 12/02/2004
mood: headache
is everyone listening to streaming radio at tigersushi? you should be.
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in the trenches   
10:17am 12/02/2004
  apparently clorox and ants together make mustard gas! formic acid and whatever it is that's in bleach. woo hoo! it's so good to be friends with science-y types. all quiet on the western front.  
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the ants go marching   
09:15am 10/02/2004
mood: antsy (ha ha, get it?)
Apparently another lovely side effect of the rainy season is the ant infestation that follows; I got back from new york to find a little conga line of ants traipsing from above my cabinets, across my counter and floor, towards some invisible hole in the other wall. Lovely. They are everywhere. I don't know what they're doing, since they were just sort of puttering along without looking for things to eat, save a few advance scouts who came up empty handed and were instead making passionate overtures to my brita pitcher.

So the past few days I've been living in a cloud of Clorox as I try to control the infestation -- and, according to this article, there's absolutely nothing I can do to get rid of them save to wait. Until then I've got my traps, I've got my clorox, and I've got a nasty headache and a feeling of revulsion at finding the damned things EVERYWHERE.
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05:02pm 05/02/2004
  cucumber rolls, a couch, and sweet and lowdown; it doesn't get much better than this.  
yeah, baby   
11:26pm 03/02/2004

what decade does your personality live in?

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oh, coffee, i miss you already   
09:49am 03/02/2004
mood: headachey. coffee, i need you!
So I'm trying to give up caffeine as much as possible -- in part because I know I'm totally addicted, in part because I suspect (what a clever girl i am) that it might be contributing to the terrible sleep i've been having.

oh, it is so hard. coffee, i love you so much, i'm sorry, i was wrong, come back to me! i can change!

In other news, heading back to the city for interviews -- sigh. And I don't have any warm coats.... curses.
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10:22am 02/02/2004
mood: pleasantly drowsy
it is absolutely pouring rain. sigh. how much do I not want to go to class today? I just want to continue to do what i've been doing all morning, namely drinking lapsang souchong and reading raymond chandler short stories. Which is what civilized people should do on rainy days.
kick it wicked haaahd   
07:55pm 01/02/2004
  good job, new england.

also: were we *supposed* to see janet's boob? was that *planned*?


It was an "accident"
09:32am 01/02/2004
  so, i know that not everyone is a secret fashion magazine addict like i am, but does anyone remember those donna karan ads from way back in the day, with jeremy irons and milla jovovich, and sometimes gary oldman? (see icon) Yeah. I've been obsessed with them, because they are cinematic and pretty and escapist. I, too, want a torrid affair with a man who can wear a linen suit. In trying to track them down on the internet, (curse you and your creator, the illustrious al gore, for feeding my addiction) I also found this article from the london Times discussing them:

Now 52, the clothes that Irons models for Karan are very different, for which he is doubtless grateful - loose, pyjama-style suits, and (phew) crumpled shirts, which are offset perfectly by Irons's haunted expression and tousled hair. ("I wasn't sucking my cheeks in," he assures.) The scene is set in Ho Chi Minh City, and focuses on the tragic-looking passion between Irons and his co-star Milla Jovovich, as they canoodle steamily in costly outfits.

Irons's face has a repertoire of expressions that extend far beyond the traditional model's pout/snarl to encompass a rather queasy type of lust and a miserable- looking happiness.

Heh. Man, if anyone needs me to canoodle steamily in costly outfits with a miserable-looking happiness, call me. Especially if Jeremy Irons is involved.

Thank you, that is all. I shall now go back to using the internet for serious (serious!) scholarly purposes.
09:44am 31/01/2004
  Sigh. I need to be more practical about my language selections. My new big thing is learning Hungarian. Look! It's wacky and finno-ugric! And at some point I want to go to Budapest!

I don't think those reasons are quite good enough, alas. And yet.
04:00pm 30/01/2004
  just when I was starting to get all depressed about how much of my languages I've forgotten: I was waiting in line at Kepler's to get some books when the couple in front of me started speaking in Persian -- and I understood everything -- or nearly everything. Granted, it was a very basic conversation, "yes, she wrote this book when she was a professor of romance languages in tehran," blah blah, but still. Makes me feel slightly less bleak.

I got the new translation of A la recherche, because I really can't stand the Montcrieff one; we'll see how this goes. And I splurged and got Paris Vogue, because it was all about Catherine Deneuve. How could you not want that?
01:14pm 29/01/2004
02:17pm 28/01/2004
  Wow. That's what's great about graduate school: the opportunity to meet people who are even more Type-A than you are. I thought my note-taking technique -- typing out key passages from books into one massive word file -- was neurotic. But one of my friends trumps that handily: he scans entire books into his computer, then annotates them on-screen. So he reads one book while scanning another. He estimates that to do a 500 page book takes the better part of an afternoon. Wow. It's an awesome idea-- having all of one's books saved on one's hard drive, with the capability to do text-searching and hyperlinking -- "what is that passage of montesquieu he's referring to, anyway?" -- but I am clearly not that patient. Perhaps I should develop some patience and develop my on-line library. Wow. Wow.  
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