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the ants go marching

Apparently another lovely side effect of the rainy season is the ant infestation that follows; I got back from new york to find a little conga line of ants traipsing from above my cabinets, across my counter and floor, towards some invisible hole in the other wall. Lovely. They are everywhere. I don't know what they're doing, since they were just sort of puttering along without looking for things to eat, save a few advance scouts who came up empty handed and were instead making passionate overtures to my brita pitcher.

So the past few days I've been living in a cloud of Clorox as I try to control the infestation -- and, according to this article, there's absolutely nothing I can do to get rid of them save to wait. Until then I've got my traps, I've got my clorox, and I've got a nasty headache and a feeling of revulsion at finding the damned things EVERYWHERE.
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